Growing up as a kid in San Francisco in the late 80's & early 90's, it was almost impossible not to be a bay area sports fan during those glory years! Legends like Montana, Rice, Young, and the great Bill Walsh, would provide memories that would forever solidify my love for sports and the teams that would come to follow.

Football was my first love but it wasn't the only sport that grabbed my attention & captured my imagination... My little league baseball coach would shake his head as I would constantly swing for the fences trying to imitate (unsuccessfully) the sweet swing of Will Clark. I’d even go as far as putting eye-black under my eyes before games not knowing, at the time, what it was even for. I just knew “The Thrill” had 'em so I had to have 'em too!

And then there was hoop… I’d spend hours in my backyard trying to master Tim Hardaway’s killer crossover! My imagination had me crossing up players like John Stockton, Kevin Johnson, and many others that fell from my (somewhat) deadly crossover! After crossing up a hall-of-famer or two, I'd pull up for a jump-shot with my lips puckered out like Chris Mullin! The RUN TMC era (and MJ, of course) was the foundation of my love for basketball.

Unaware of it at the time, these teams had become a part of my childhood. The teams, the players, the logos, the colors... it was all a part of it. So as an adult, when I come across that old Warriors logo with the star on the bay and the California silhouette over the yellow basketball, or when I see that square-ish ‘SF’ logo from the Will Clark era or that simple & clean Niners logo from the late 80’s/early 90's… I’m taken back to those moments as a kid. And I'm sure many of you out there share these similar memories. 

Good Game Garments is happy to refresh those great memories through the apparel and memorabilia that came out of that time period.

Aside from all of the fun that came along with watching and playing sports as a kid, one of the first things you're taught is to respect your opponent; to display sportsmanship. At the end of every game, win or lose, you lined up with your team and shook the hands of your competition. Whether it was football, baseball, or basketball; it didn't matter the sport... you always showed respect for the other team. One of the ways you verbalized this respect was with a handshake and a simple phrase...........

“Good Game”

It’s a phrase you hear throughout sports; at all levels. It’s one of the most universal terms used within all of the different type of sports out there. You hear it from the mouths of children in youth leagues, all the way up to the professional athletes we watch on TV. You'll hear "Good Game" accompanied by the sounds of hi-fives being slapped and hands being shook at the end of any pick-up game across America. 

It’s a term shared by all who respect and appreciate the game. Our love for sports and the teams we follow have the power to bring people together. Simply put, sports bring people together. It does not discriminate or care where you’re from or what your status is. All that matters is the game. The inspiration behind Good Game Garments is rooted in our love for sports. If you respect that, and have the same love for sports as we do, then I two words for you... "Good Game!"